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eDrawings are a great way to collaborate on project design. The recipient does not need any special software to view the files, as the viewer software can be sent with the documents.

The designer can supply this, for example, to the pc board designers with the Measure tool enabled, so heights and clearances to various surrounding parts can be checked.    Sheet metal vendors are often more involved with a project when they see the whole picture instead of just a panel or bracket.

The user can rotate, zoom, measure and pan.  Assemblies can be 'opened up' by quickly hiding parts in the foreground.   The Measure tool can be disabled to protect sensitive data, while still allowing a vendor to bid on isolated components or review a particular section of the design.


Rendered Images.

Let the world see your product even before it has been prototyped. Photo realistic renderings, such as this aluminum gear box, can be supplied in many formats:  JPG, TIFF, BMP, PDF
Renderings are great for inclusion in trade show hand outs and for investor meetings when the product is not yet available

  • Trade Show brochures
  • Investor meeting presentations
  • Press Releases
  • Handouts

PDF, Word Doc, etc..

Screen captures can be saved in a variety of formats so you can follow the design as it progresses.


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