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  • Accomplishments by Industry:

    References are available on request.

  • Audio:   planar magnetic speaker design, traditional voice coil assemblies and specialized speaker parts.

  • Gaming:  Player Tracking Panels, systems control and power enclosures and panels.   Bingo player products, housings and internal components.

  • HDVideo: enclosures and accessory devices for recording, transfer, storage and editing.

  • Communications:  test and assembly fixtures for Laser on Chip applications.

  • Communications:  WiFi / WiMax antenna enclosures. antenna board modeling and file conversions

  • Parking and bike storage:  Systems for secure bike parking/storage.   Large area monitored parking systems for metro areas.

  • Automotive:   accessories for pickup trucks.

  • Lighting Equipment:  modeling and rendering of various overhead and on-wall lighting luminaries.

  • Signage:  3 Display Rotating Vane - interior advertising and exterior freeway advertising.

  • Games:  injection molded parts for 3D puzzle games.

  • Renewable fuels:  Biodiesel conversion equipment structures and piping.

  • RFID:   systems housings, stands and internal components.

  • Aerospace:  support for aircraft lighting projects.  ECO processing.

  • Media Publishing:  portable memory system/docking stations.

  • Construction:  roof vent design. 

  • Construction:  Bear Proof refuse container design.

  • PCB boards:  on board encapsulating walls, board enclosures, board modeling and mechanical layout.

  • Food Prep:  Hot dog bun cooker equipment.

  • Janitorial:  carpet cleaning machines.

  • Internet Kiosk Design.

  • Power Distribution:  power distribution system enclosures for computers and server installation.

  • Equipment Rental Market:  aluminum gear case designs for outdoor power equipment.

  • Dental:  Pole and tray design, dental chair alterations.

  • Dental:  Positioning equipment for Digital Dental X-Rays.

  • Medical:  LED light therapy and  Microdermabrasion products, teeth whitening products.

  • Security:   housings and mounting for security system components.

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